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LevelUP KL 2016

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November 08, 2016


KUALA LUMPUR, 8 November 2016 – The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) are hosting LEVEL UP KL 2016, one of South-East Asia’s premier gaming conferences, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 5th to 9th November. Held for the second year running, the conference features business perspectives, technical insights and sharing of future-shaping trends via thought-leader keynotes, and notable panels from all over the world. LEVEL UP KL 2016 is part of the ongoing efforts led by MDEC to build a world class gaming ecosystem in Malaysia, with the vision to transform the country as a Game Hub in the South-East Asia by 2025.

The five-day event attracted over 500 participants ranging from game developers, investors, game publishers and technology providers, from both local and international games industry. Over 40 key industry players worldwide took part in sharing of knowledge, including seasoned video games industry professional Hector Fernandez of Sony Interactive Entertainment; Co-founder of the game accelerator GameFounders Kadri Ugand; Square Enix lead game designer for Final Fantasy XV Wan Hazmer; Lemon Sky Games and Animation CEO Wong Cheng-Fei; and Passion Republic president Ng Aik Sern.

LEVEL UP KL 2016 Packs a Punch with Exciting Activities

Kicking things off on Saturday was the LEVEL UP KL South-East Asia Game Jam – a 36-hour game jam organized by MDEC and our partners Media Prima Labs, whereby game developers from the South-East Asia worked together to create games in a collaborative environment based on the theme, ‘kid-centric’ – aimed at children aged 12 and below. A total of 17 teams, comprising of 82 participants took part for the chance to bring home cash prizes, a brand new Oculus Gear VR, and the opportunity to have their games commercialised via the upcoming Alpha Startups: Game Pre-Accelerator programme by Media Prima Labs and 1337 Ventures. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, the final day of LEVEL UP KL 2016.

On Monday, 37 participants took part in the Unity Certified Developer Exam, meant to validate user’s knowledge of foundational game design and programming skills against a benchmark of proficiency for game production. The professional credential was aimed at industry participants who are looking at improving their chances of landing a game-making job. (MDeC)