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With the increasing demand and trend for the Mobile Application and Games within the digital industry, Media Prima Group has taken the step forward to champion the development within the industry, hence Media Prima Labs (MPLabs) is established. MPLabs will primarily leverage and develop product base on the group’s unique intellectual properties – such as Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan, Harian Metro Mountain Bike Grand Prix, Ejen Ali and more into the mobile space.

Aside from developing mobile products for Media Prima’s group of companies, MPLabs also welcomes existing and new idea or product from the public, it aims to accelerate and help to materialise these ideas through strategic partnerships not only on technology and development investment but also leveraging on Media Prima’s mass audience reach via multiple platforms namely TV, radio, print and outdoor, in addition to its experienced content creation arm to promote and push the final product. MPLabs aims to develop 13 apps by end of the year 2016.
Expending to outside of Malaysia – in 2016, we will focus on just Malaysia market, once our fundamental is solid we will then we will venture into the SEA region.

Media Prima Labs is part of Media Prima Digital, which offer other services such as Data services, Digital Marketing, and Social Media.

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Change the way we live our lives and inspire the next generation of thinkers and innovators.


Form lasting connection with individual/groups who have been in the industry for years.


Your Ideas may be the next biggest innovation and we would like to help you achieve them.




With over 10 years of experience in the digital media entertainment space, Nicholas leads the product & innovation team of Media Prima Digital. His role includes extending the Group’s unique intellectual properties into the expanse of mobile tech innovation and games.


As the head of MP Labs, Eileen’s role is to challenge the product managers and provide them with the overall insights on their respective apps. She’s the go-to-person for product development advice and ensures the quality of the products released.


Ee Von was previously the Commercial Director in IGN Malaysia and has vast knowledge in the gaming industry. She now spearheads the Games division in Media Prima Digital.


Eekee has hands-on experience in online editorial content, marketing campaigns and public relations. She’s also the walking encyclopedia for local and international content and a true gastronome at heart.


Melissa was in the start-up scene in Groupon Malaysia before she joined Media Prima Labs as one of the Product Managers for the Mobile Games division. She was also recently awarded the Young Digital Person Award of 2018.


Fara’s role in MP Labs include expanding the ‘Wanita’ IP to the mass market and introduce fitness to individuals who are uncomfortable with working out in a public gym through the app’s content.


Detailed oriented and diligent, Grace is the perfect candidate to manage MP Lab’s social app – 8coin. The app curates content to be shared and rewards users with digital currency that can be exchanged for physical merchandises.


‘Ilmi joined the PRIME management program for Media Prima Berhad. With a background in design, ‘Ilmi creates visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate users.


Glenn manages the ‘Kita Juara’ app that provides users with the latest news related to football. His tendency to overanalyse makes him think a few steps ahead of others in terms of adding new features to the app.


Ee Ling’s responsibilities in MP Labs team is to oversee the growth and expansion plan for Waktu Solat app.


Hanna leads the business development team and strategises ways to monetise the apps within Media Prima Labs.


Helmi knows the ins and outs of the media industry and is currently part of the business development team to introduce Media Prima Lab’s apps to potential clients. His amiable personality makes him everyone’s buddy.


With his background in Media Sales, Sam is now a part of the business development team and is responsible for onboarding clients who are interested in the lifestyle apps of Media Prima Labs.


Matthew leads the content team for MGO (MyGameOn) – a platform that provides readers with the latest news on e-sports and mobile games. Hunt him down if you want to learn more about the latest games in the industry!


Hazril provides quality content for MGO and is an avid eSports fan. His passion for eSports allows him to write in-depth reviews on the trending games and tournaments.


Aafrin is responsible for leading the mobile engineering team in achieving the products’ roadmaps while working closely together with the product managers. He’s the go-to person to anything related to codes and tech jargon!


Karen’s the ‘guru’ when it comes to digital marketing strategies and social media campaigns. She provides the team with strategic insights and research while utilizing relevant tools in the industry.


With her background in multiple agencies, Yoke Teng is always coming up with creative and out of the box ideas. She heads the Marketing Communication team in Media Prima Digital and is often the architect behind some of Media Prima Digital’s most creative campaigns.


As the PR lead for Media Prima Digital, Dhiya is responsible for Media Prima Labs’ product launches and on-ground events. His bubbly personality often makes him the ideal person to hype up the crowd and engage with the media.


Hon Mun’s the Chief Happiness Officer for the platforms that he is servicing (i.e. print and news). His role includes introducing new technology in their day-to-day operations.


With marketing and account servicing background, she is part of the digital services team who supports and assists stakeholders in various digital platforms.


Timothy’s responsibilities includes overseeing TV Network’s projects and maintaining an excellent relationship with his stakeholders. He’s also the person behind the YouTube-Media Prima partnership programme.


Zoe manages internal stakeholders (i.e. radio) and promotes digital integration into the platform. She also consults them on digital innovation.



More will come from us, stay tuned.


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A decidedly Malaysian food app that truly understands the masses, the gratification that comes from good food & great offers, shared with loved ones & friends.


Ho Chak! is the latest mobile app that curates restaurants and eateries around Malaysia. Satisfy your tastebud and embark on a food adventure with a selection of mouth watering cuisines that are available on the app!

Ejen Ali: M.A.T.A Training Academy

Join our hero Ejen Ali as he goes through a challenging training programme to sharpen his skills as a M.A.T.A secret agent, armed with the IRIS super-intelligence device and his mad yoyo skills.


Ejen Ali: Emergency

Ejen Ali: Emergency is an isometric action-puzzle based mobile game. You will infiltrate deep into the MATA facility which has been hacked by an unknown enemy. During this mission, you will play as Ejen Ali to rescue Agent Bakar and Comot from being trapped as well as to escape from the highly secured defense system of MATA.


RAUDHAH – Azan, Qiblat & Prayer Times

Aplikasi ini turut menyediakan buat kemudahan pengguna pencari arah qiblat, peringatan lima waktu solat, doa-doa harian serta lokasi masjid dan waktu solat.



Kita Juara

The Kita Juara sports app keeps Malaysia’s football fans updated on the latest happenings in Malaysian football leagues – from Super League, Premier League to Malaysia Cup and FA Cup.


WANITA is a personalized app for women who are not comfortable to subscribe to public gym or fitness classes. This app is passionate about helping others with their fitness & beauty. It consists of in-house video by certified trainers and health tips.


8coin (formerly 8Share) is Malaysia’s one-stop rewards platform for social media users who like getting free stuff, earning extra cash every month, and being the first to introduce something new to their family and friends.


Mak Cun’s Adventure

Mak Cun’s Adventure is a free and addictive cooking & fashion game that carries strong elements of entrepreneurship and an introduction to local items such as nasi lemak, char koay teow, kopi-o and ‘bedak sejuk’ (cold talcum)

J Revolusi

Be the characters of J Revolusi, play as Jay or Eddie in Malaysia’s Elite Special Squad, eliminate the enemies and save the day. J Revolusi offers a First Person Shooter (FPS) experience in Full 3D with Special Operations Missions.

Dia TV3

Understand love, chase for happiness and search for The One. Will Aira pick Adit or Zaid? Based on the popular drama on TV3 – DIA, you will carry Aira’s character in this mobile game. Your choice will determine Aira’s future.

Waktu Solat

An intuitive app, easy and convenient interface for prayer times, kiblat direction and nearby masjid wherever you are.